AUTOMATED SLIDE STAINER:  GG&B Company has designed and been issued a U.S. Patent for the process that will allow the Automated Staining and Decolorization of Biological Material. This properietary technology allows the lab to fully automate the Gram Stain process.

Small Compact Size
The AGS-1000 automatically adjusts for sample thickness, has individual preference controls for color intensity and is operator friendly.

Fast Staining
Totally hands free, each slide is automatically stained, decolorized and counter stained in 3.5 to 4.5 minutes. The AGS-1000 has an automatic cleaning cycle, has internal diagnostic software for recording all tests.

Performs multiple staining procedures
The AGS-1000 is small enough to fit on any lab counter top and can be easily updated via a built-in disk drive.

Performs multiple staining procedures
Easy and fast. It's as simple as the push of a button.


Features of the Automated Gram Stainer:

  • Patented Decolorization process that optically monitors run-off fluid at a rate of 20 times per second
  • Totally hands free process - Soft touch keypad
  • Stain times from 3.5 minutes to 4.5 minutes
  • Adjustable stain settings for color intensity
  • Automatic calibration of each sample
  • Adjustable sleep mode for energy efficiency
  • Stain resistant metal cabinet fits on counter top
  • Consistency for all sample types
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • Internal diagnostic software
  • Audible on/off alarm to signal end of test
  • Decolorize only cycle
  • Manufactured in USA




Width 30.5 cm (12.0 in.)

Height 40.6 cm (16.0 in.)

Depth 33.0 cm (13.0 in.)

Weight 12.24 Kg (27.00 lb)

POWER REQUIREMENTS: Input 100-240 50/60HZ

TEMPERATURE, AMBIENT OPERATION: 16-32 Degrees C (60-90 Degrees F)

HUMIDITY: 0 to 95% without condensation

Individual Adjustable Stain Times on Both Short and Long Cycles
Adjustable Sleep Mode
Adjustable Audible Sound Volume Control

OPERATOR ENTRY: Moisture Proof, Soft Touch Keypad, Stain Resistant Metal Cabinet

Cat Number: GAGS1000
Packaging: Each
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